Africa’s 10 most influential Pastors

Posted: 20/11/2011 in Uncategorized

The following is a list of Africa’s 10 most influential pastors.

Most of the pastors listed here oversee hundred’s of Churches across Africa with a membership of at, they are authors of numerous books and conference speakers. here is also a clear defined leader in the movement. I have not included The Assemblies of God and AFM for that reason.

I must mention though, by influential i do not mean that their preaching is Orthodox, that 6 of the 10 men sounds like motivational speakers instead of Bible preachers. a visit to their website reveal a sentimental, man-centered gospel they feed their followers. Their hermeneutic is faulty in most cases, what they lack in their hermeneutic they make up for in their Charisma.

Here is the list:

1. Ray Maccauley- Rhema Bible Church- Africa

2. Mosa Sono- Grace Bible Church- South Africa

3. William Kumuyi- deeper Life Bible Church-Nigeria

4. Tudor Bismark- Jabula-New Life Church- Zimbabwe

5. Dag Heward Mills- Lighthouse Chapel International- Ghana

6. Mensa Otabil- International central Gospel Church- Nigeria

7. Chris Oyakhilome- Christ Embassy- Nigeria

8. Enoch Adeboye- Redeemed Christian Church of God- Nigeria

9. David Oyedepo- Winners Chapel- Nigeria

10. Ezekiel Guti- Zimbabwean Assemblies of God

  1. Mtsiri's27 says:

    what is left for us if the leaders themself ant attached to the authentic sensation of the conviction by the word of God…if they have not grasp the theological concept of Church…fame has derailed many as they neglect the knowldge and truth of the go for great exciting ideas and forget the great purpose of been christians…many churches are filled with corps dat dont even understand why christ died on the cross…i was one of them before..but thank God for his mercy to open my eyes..i pray dat others will see wat i see also..God bless

  2. Point of correction. Mensa otabil is from Ghana and not Nigeria.

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